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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Amazon Fire TV is incompatible with Antennae broadcast TV.

I refuse to pay for cable TV because it is priced too high. This is kind of a moot point because I wouldn't have the money even if I wanted to get cable.  We use broadcast antennae TV combined with an Amazon Fire TV internet device which does not have any monthly fee.  We were having a little trouble with the reception on the antennae until we started unplugging the Fire TV box when we want to watch broadcast over the air.  The Fire TV box definitely interferes with reception of broadcast TV on certain days and therefore needs to be unplugged.  This is a minor inconvenience but it is worth it to me to eliminate the cable bill.

I doubt I would watch any cable TV even if we had it.  All I watch on TV is news and American football.  The Amazon 50 mile range antennae gets excellent reception if set up correctly and it picks up all local channels.  The Fire TV operating over the internet has access to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime video, numerous news apps, games, many other types of apps and more stuff than I want to watch.  Why would anyone pay all that money for cable TV
when its all just junk anyways?

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