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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Dinner time discussions of Politics, Religion and Sex

WPV Manure Spreader
WPV Manure Spreader (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
You should never discuss Politics, Religion and Sex at the dinner table if you want a peaceful dinner anyways.  I only like to participate in two of these activities but I don't mind giving my opinion on all three if anyone really wants to listen.

Participating in politics is like shoveling cow manure onto a manure spreader with a pitch fork by hand while cows are still in the stalls. I have done this and I greatly prefer automated manure loaders for many reasons. How anyone would want to be a politician is beyond my comprehension. I believe that is why the Bible says we should pray for our leaders.

Religion always has problems because it involves imperfect people. I may be a little more imperfect than other people so I tend to avoid religions that emphasize my imperfections.  I have been involved in some religions like this and they didn't really impress me after awhile. If I remember correctly, I think Jesus said he did not come to "condemn the world".  Christianity is the only religion that works for me and I strongly recommend it to everyone.  Only Jesus can really change a persons imperfections and he is still working on people like me.

I find that sex after 50 is great. I recommend it to all married couples as often as possible. I will let you know how I feel when I reach age 60,70 and 80 if I live that long. Warning: sex may result in children when you are younger.

Hope I didn't upset anyone's dinner with this post. Try not to argue all the time at dinner because no one is paying you for arguing and it causes indigestion.

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