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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Page views on my blog just went over 47,000

Coat of arms of Isle of Man (Latin motto trans...
Coat of arms of Isle of Man (Latin motto translates "Wherever you throw me, I will stand") (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The total page views of my blog just went over 47,000.  That would seem to be a good thing from my point of view.  About 15 percent of the page views seem to be from countries other than the United States.  I am not sure why so many people in Portugal are reading my posts but it gives me a sense of enjoyment that someone is reading them. I used to have some readers from the Isle of Man but they seem to have abandoned interest in reading the blog.  I had to look up where the Isle of Man was exactly which was kind of fun so I wish you guys would start reading again.  The agricultural life style on the Isle of Man was kind of intriguing to me and the coat of arms is outstanding.

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