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Monday, June 1, 2015

Awake again at 2:30 am.

Endoscopic image of Crohn's colitis showing de...
Endoscopic image of Crohn's colitis showing deep ulceration in sigmoid colon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Can't sleep when I am supposed to but I fall asleep in public places instead. At least my loyal cat Frederick Engels keeps me company.  I can barely type because he is rubbing his little face against my Dell Chromebook in a most gorgeous fashion purring until I pet him.  Once he gets his petting allotment he moves on to my wife to stare at her face at extreme close range while she sleeps. Now he comes back by me for more petting.  Finally he lays down and begins hitting me with his tail in a rhythmic fashion.

Why was my cat named after the co-founder of communism you ask? Just ignore his full name.  We tell him him he is named after the Engels family on Little House on the Prairie TV series.

I would go gas the car and get some needed items at Walmart but my wife has forbidden me to leave the house and has threatened to divorce me if I violate her orders. After I finish blogging I will putter around the house to kill a little time.

Crohn's disease pain is not actually waking me up this time but my sleep cycle has been programmed by pain to wake up at this time. Doctors really come up with some frightening surgical solutions to keeping Crohn's patients alive and kicking. I wonder if those lovely solutions also affect your sleep cycle. They probably do.

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