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Monday, December 19, 2016

Does anyone really believe Fake News?

CNN breaking the news of a plane crash at the ...
CNN breaking the news of a plane crash at the World Trade Center (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Facebook is going to save us from Fake News? That should just about eliminate CNN and the other major news networks when it comes to political polls. They are untrustworthy because they have a left wing bias and can't even be professional and accurately report on elections.  Thats too bad because I often enjoyed reading their lefty nonsense for a good chuckle.  The expressions on reporters faces during the election night results gave me a good belly laugh and I rarely have any fun.

There is obviously Fake News on facebook. The average person should be able to figure out what is fake because it is pretty flaky.  There is some fake news that is more subtle and some limited review by facebook would not necessarily be that bad of an idea. The problem is that no one will police these thought police as they review our news.  I hope that facebook will not add a politically correct slant to its news reviews but it is a powerful force with no oversight.  I greatly prefer a wild west environment instead of having a thought sheriff feeding everyone some politically correct ideology.

Hatred of the Trump win is not a good reason to enforce censorship of the news by someone that may have ulterior motives.

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