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Saturday, December 17, 2016

No more automatic ads on Glenn's View...................................

I have decided to experiment and eliminate ads on this blog. The ads are mildly distracting and they will take approximately fifty years at this rate to produce an actual profit of any kind.

If I ever get back to creating bottle planters with succulents, I may sell them on the blog.  Anyone out there who wants to run a clean ad on this blog for a very small fee please contact me by leaving a comment. Some of the automatic ads on the blog seem a little off color to me. The blog has reached about 60,000 people and I can give you a whole blogger page with a lead in on the main page for $5 per month. Its worth a try anyways. Would pay for all my meagerly gardening supplies every year.

Merry Christmas !
English: S98-01951 --- Senator John H. Glenn J...
English: S98-01951 --- Senator John H. Glenn Jr. (D., Ohio), with assistance from Boeing suit technician Lloyd Armintor, applies final touches during suit donning at the flight equipment processing lab for the Johnson Space Center (JSC). This was Glenn's first interface with the partial pressure launch and entry suit since being named to fly aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery on the STS-95 mission. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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