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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Wunderlist app is very useful.

I am an insane task list maker and I have lists for everything. The best list app is Wunderlist and it works on all the platforms I use such as Windows, Android, Chrome and probably works on most other platforms also.  Currently I have well over 100 separate lists of things that I need to do and things that I would like to do.  It is not easy to count the total number of items in each list to add up a grand total. Sometimes I am actually able to do some of the items on a list and check them off. This gives me a momentary feeling of enjoyment.

Essentially, I am retired because of Crohn's disease related problems but I still have obligations to people that require me to make a real effort doing things that are starting to test my maximum capabilities.  My need to do Wunderlist is not that incredibly long but it requires more of me than I am capable of doing on a sustained basis. I rarely am able to do anything on my like to do list. I will never complete my task list within my lifetime but I guess that is a lot better than having nothing to do and being bored. I think that I will have a copy of my last Wunderlist task list buried with me.
English: Esophagus - intermed mag. Image:Crohn...
English: Esophagus - intermed mag. Image:Crohn's disease - esophagus - intermed mag.jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Unfortunately my need to do task list is not pretty. It consists of Crohn's disease related activities and helping to solve ugly problems for other people that they created for themselves.  It is a privilege to help someone solve their problems but they need to want to solve their problem or its really not helping them in the long run. Someone once told me that "its not a problem, its an opportunity" before they fired me from a job. That person was right.  The Bible says that prayer can move mountains so perhaps I now have an opportunity to pray for people that have a mountain of problems. I would like to see at least some of the mountains moved off my task list some day. Jesus is the first item on my list because the real problems on my list can only be solved by him.

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