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Monday, July 14, 2014

Do we really need to allow a Swastika banner to fly over our country?

English: a nazi swastika Español: una esvástic...
English: a nazi swastika Español: una esvástica nazi Français : une croix gammée nazie Italiano: una svastica nazista Magyar: egy szvasztikus náci jelkép Português: uma cruz suástica nazi Русский: нацистская свастика Svenska: en nazisvastika (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This is a short quote from an article in  I wasn't even aware that this group existed before I saw the article.

There is freedom of speech in this country but there is also putrid revulsion at the horrible atrocities committed under the symbol of the Swastika.  People need to speak out against these types of needles in the eye of humanity.  Evil ideas can come back into vogue again even if we believe that they never could.  The ideas of the Swastika can't be rehabilitated unless we allow them to come back by ignoring their reappearance in the form of a symbol flying over New York. Even if a group advocating the Swastika claims it means well, the symbol is well known for the evil practices practiced by those who followed it.  Other groups will see this symbol come back and be emboldened.   History can repeat itself.    

Swastika banner flies over New York beaches

A banner of a swastika flew over Coney Island and Long Island beaches on Saturday.
The organization promoting the banner,, aims to reclaim the swastika as a symbol of a peace, its meaning long before it became associated with the Nazis.
The banner shows the swastika over the Star of David. It flew as part of Swastika Rehabilitation Week starting July 5, according to the group's website.

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