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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Milwaukee Zoo freeway Interchange is shut down this weekend.....

English: Copyright © 2005 Sulfur The Daniel H...
English: Copyright © 2005 Sulfur The Daniel Hoan Memorial Bridge is a long span bridge that connects Interstate 794 in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin to the Lake Freeway across the harbor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I pity the poor travelers from Illinois that try to use the Milwaukee freeway this weekend.  All of the major freeways near Milwaukee are being renovated but this is a full shut down for the entire weekend of a major freeway so that a bridge can be replaced.  I am sure that after everything is fixed and I don't need to drive on it anymore then is when I will be moving to Hartford.

The Hoan bridge is not the one being fixed now but I still remember when pieces of it were falling off. I believe it still has the zipper system on it to move concrete blocks for the purpose of changing traffic flow.

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