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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Is Gun Control needed?

English: The clock tower of Milwaukee City Hall
English: The clock tower of Milwaukee City Hall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I am opposed to adding any new gun control laws.  There are plenty of gun laws on the books to deal with criminals and there is not any need to add laws for the purpose of harassing law abiding people. The laws we have need to be enforced and the criminals put in prison until they mend their ways or the sun don't shine anymore. Politicians pointing fingers at each other will not solve the problem of criminals obtaining guns illegally.  The horrible violence in Milwaukee will not be stopped by gun control laws or gun buy backs because criminals don't obey the law.

Police need to be given sufficient resources to deal with the problem and the affected community needs to report criminals to the police. Milwaukee needs police more than a Trolley.  I also agree with Sheriff Clarke that there is not always time to call 911 and I think he would make a great new Mayor for Milwaukee.  There were plenty of guns where I grew up but we did not have a high murder rate.  Criminal attitudes are the problem and that is what no law can change.  If criminals are too stubborn to fear God then let them fear the police enforcing the law along with a long prison sentence to follow.

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