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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Jon Voight blasts Bardem, Cruz over Israel letter

English: Master of Ceremonies, Jon Voight, jok...
English: Master of Ceremonies, Jon Voight, jokes with the crowd before the presentation of the George M. Van Cleave Military Leadership Award during the 45th Annual Gold Medal Dinner & Armed Forces Gala in New York City, Dec. 7. The USO presented former Commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. Michael W. Hagee with the USO Gold Medal Award at the event. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Most people in the United States desire a peaceful end to the conflict between Israel and Hamas. That is certainly my hope. There may be a small chance of a peaceful resolution but I doubt that will happen.  I suspect that only military force will end the immediate crisis at the cost of human suffering. Israel has superior military force at this time and it can win if it is willing to cause civilian casualties but it will face world political condemnation if it truly does what is needed to win a short term temporary victory. Israel will do what is necessary to survive and insure safety for its citizens.  Hamas does not seem to have the conventional military forces needed to win because if Hamas had enough force, the country of Israel would no longer exist.  I don't believe that Israel will kill every man, woman and child in Gaza .  Israel can never completely win this overall conflict with its military as long as there is one Palestinian left to fight.  The situation breeds hatred on both sides and I believe that only more death and suffering on both sides will be the future near term reality.  Comments by American celebrities are garbage to me because they don't help save anyone's life but do increase hatred.

Jon Voight blasts Bardem, Cruz over Israel letter

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