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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Police dogs are safer than guns and Harley's should be electric

Swedish police dogs in action during nationali...
Swedish police dogs in action during nationalist demonstrations on National Day, 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I believe one way to reduce the fatalities during police arrests of suspects is to increase the number of trained police dogs used by law enforcement.  A trained police dog can take down the toughest resisting suspect without killing him. Dogs are safer for the suspect and the risk to the officer is greatly reduced.  Stray police bullets would also not endanger innocent bystanders because a dog usually makes guns unnecessary. Taxes should be increased as needed until we have sufficient police dogs with bulletproof vests to help law enforcement along with officers properly trained to handle dogs.

Harley Davidson is working on quiet stealthy electric motorcycles that could be used for law enforcement very effectively in my opinion.  I would recommend making a larger electric motor-tricycle for the police that is designed to transport a police dog on the back in comfort.  I believe that this combination would be more effective for law enforcement than a foot patrol or bicycle patrol.  Cost efficiency could be achieved by reducing litigation and gasoline consumption.

Guns firing in a crowded city are never a good thing for anyone.  Why not cut down the number of times it occurs? Police dogs are really a humane way to deal with a horrible problem that everyone wants to stop.  Combining dogs with stealthy electric motorcycle technology for transportation seems to be a simple choice for the future that will save lives.

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