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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Will Milwaukee's water supply become dangerous just like Toledo's?

English: Map of Lake Erie. Category:Michigan maps
English: Map of Lake Erie. Category:Michigan maps (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Toledo water supply was contaminated by algae from Lake Erie and people could not drink their tap water.  Chicago has been testing its water but it remains safe and I would assume that means Milwaukee water is good enough. This safe Lake Michigan water supply may also be affected by algae in the future because the two lakes are interconnected and have some similar characteristics.  I suspect it may be possible to protect individual houses from this danger by installing reverse osmosis filters at the house.  I may be wrong but this could be a good time to invest in some type of home filter system that will filter this horrible algae. I would consider it for my next home as a precaution if I knew what type of filter system to buy.

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